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Jardim Vista leading landscapers

Jardim Vista has become one of the leading landscaping companies in Portugal with a growing reputation throughout Europe for providing a comprehensive service to a broad spectrum of landscaping environments. Whatever the size or nature of a project-be it a private garden, restaurant, hotel, shopping centre or residential development, Jardim Vista perform to only the highest standards of workmanship to achieve effective and practical solutions.


An experienced team of landscape designers and horticulturists take careful consideration of the existing criteria and client requirements to ensure that the final design-be it contemporary or traditional, formal or informal, is realized to its full potential.


With more than 25 years of experience and with a vast portfolio of concluded projects, Jardim Vista rests on a solid combination of creative design, meticulous execution and professional maintenance, vital if gardens are to achieve their intended concept. Among Jardim Vista clients are many prestigious developers and private owners in Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, United Kingdom and the Middle East.


Richard Westcott, founder and soul of the company, is a landscape architect with extensive experience in USA, the Middle East and Iberia.


The Jardim Vista Landscape Centre and main headquarters, near Quinta do Lago in the Algarve, provides clients with a source of inspiration by showcasing a wide variety of plant species, materials and landscape features that can be incorporated into any design. Trees, palms and other mature stock can also be viewed and selected.


As well as the display areas, the design studio is based at the Centre where a team is available to give advice and consultation on landscape design, construction and maintenance considerations.

Charlie Dimmock and Richard Westcott